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Developing a Complete Soybean System

Posted by Jessica Stacy, Agronomist on April 30, 2018

When it comes to soybeans, never underestimate the power of proper fertility. When planning for the upcoming planting season, consider the needs of your soybeans in the long term. How your soybeans start out affects them all the way to harvest.



Beyond the usual N, P, and K, a staple micronutrient early in soybean production is manganese. Manganese is important for germination and stand establishment. Beyond that, manganese also helps the soybean plant resist root and foliar diseases caused by fungi. Because of the important role manganese plays in soybean development, The Andersons has formulated several products with this key nutrient.


PureGrade® First Pass® Low-Salt Starter

First Pass low-salt starter fertilizer offers a nutrient package (including manganese) that is specific to soybeans and designed to maximize yield by providing essential early-season nutrients. First Pass starter fertilizer is seed safe. The soybean starter encourages early flowering and maturity, and promotes canopy development to help suppress weeds.


Foliar Application Options

Using foliar fertilizers can be the difference between a good crop and a great one by helping to optimize reproductive growth and increase pod set. The Andersons offers several foliar products specifically designed for soybeans. OverPass® SF low-salt foliar fertilizer contains boron and manganese, in addition to the N-P-K. The product also contains 25% slow-release nitrogen to provide 10-14 days of nitrogen feeding.

Several other foliar products are available from The Andersons. See below on how some of these tested in the field.



A program including First Pass as a starter and Phosfix® foliar applied at V6 and R3, showed a 5.2 bushel/acre advantage over starter alone.



Additionally, a similar program which used First Pass as a starter and MicroNourish® foliar applied at R3, yielded 4.7 bushels/acre over starter alone. The graph below shows the results of this field trial which was conducted in Ohio in 2016.



In conclusion, it is important to pay close attention to soybean inputs to ensure they are receiving a proper supply of essential nutrients. The products mentioned have proven beneficial, providing a nice return on investment and a significant yield increase.

Visit the PureGrade and MicroSolutions® product pages to view other foliar fertilizers and slow-release nitrogen products.



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