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New InfuraMax™ Specialty Fertilizer now available at Farm Center Locations

Posted on December 19, 2018

The Andersons, Inc. Releases New InfuraMax™ Specialty Fertilizer at its Farm Center Locations

MAUMEE, OHIO, December 18, 2018 – The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE) announces its Plant Nutrient Group is now selling InfuraMax™, a new specialty agriculture liquid fertilizer, exclusively at its farm center locations. InfuraMax is a low-salt starter fertilizer containing 100 percent orthophosphate, and it features a unique analysis of N-P-K with zinc and sulfur to provide maximum nutrition to the crop at planting..

This liquid starter fertilizer is seed safe, chloride-free and has a near neutral pH, which makes it ideal for in-furrow placement, 2x2 banding and foliar applications. InfuraMax provides a positive response in cold soils, resulting in earlier crop emergence and more uniform stands. Other benefits include increased yield potential as well as higher quality and drier crops at harvest, maximizing the return on investment for farmers.

“InfuraMax is a high-quality, low-salt alternative to traditional starters that will provide a positive return on investment,” says David Dyson, agronomist with The Andersons. “It is easy to handle and is compatible in a tank mix with any EDTA micronutrient, soil amendments like humic acid, or additional nutrients like sulfur and zinc. InfuraMax also has a low use rate and will allow farmers to stay planting in their fields for longer periods of time with fewer fill ups and breakdowns.”

Click here for more information on InfuraMax liquid fertilizer.

InfuraMax is available at The Andersons’ farm center locations in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. 



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