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Agronomy Update February 2019

Posted on February 22, 2019

The Andersons Agronomy Update: July 2018

By Jessica Stacy, Product Specialist

Every year we set out to test new products, validate current products, and try out some innovative ideas with the goal of providing high-quality, yield-producing solutions for growers. Rather than performing these trials in one region or state we conduct the trials across the country to allow our products to be tested in different environmental conditions and under varying crop management practices. Following are some of the top highlights of our 2018 third-party field research results featuring Fulvic LQTMRGS®, KorrectTM, and MicroBlitzTM fertilizers. 

Fulvic LQ, our newly-released liquid fulvic acid, was applied in-furrow with a low-salt starter in Nebraska this past year. Our recommended rate of the 1-quart treatment yielded 7.45 bushels per acre more than the check. Over the last three years, third party research sites in Nebraska and Ohio reported an average advantage of 4.81 bushels when fulvic acid was added to a low-salt starter.  Fulvic LQ enhances nutrient uptake, improves seed germination and growth, and promotes cell division and elongation. As a result, a higher yield was observed.   

In Wisconsin, RGS (Root Growth Stimulator) was applied in-furrow to corn at 5 oz per acre, providing a 15.65 bu/ac advantage over the check. In this trial, our research team compared multiple plant growth stimulators, of which RGS outperformed the rest of the pack. RGS has continuously promoted vigorous root development, improved nutrient efficiency within plants, and enhanced plants’ resistance to stress.  With a 15.65 bu/ac increase, RGS demonstrated an excellent crop response, resulting in an outstanding return on investment to the grower. 

Korrect was put to the test this past year as a starter additive in soybeans since this crop relies heavily on potash. Korrect was applied in-furrow at a rate of 1 gallon/acre in Indiana. The treatment resulted in a 6.41 bu/acre advantage compared to the untreated check. Originally formulated as a foliar fertilizer, Korrect has gained traction in being used as a starter and starter fertilizer additive the last few years. Korrect is a highly available, mild form of potassium with little danger of burn when applied to plant tissue or to the seed.

Finally, Beck’s Hybrids reported MicroBlitz provided a two-year return on investment average of $18.84 per acre on soybean application at R1 timing in their Practical Farm Research Trials in Kentucky, Ohio, and southern Illinois. This liquid micronutrient package is a powerhouse of macro and micronutrients, combined with fulvic acid to enhance nutrient uptake. In a Michigan trial, MicroBlitz was tested on soybeans to hone in on the best timing for multiple liquid foliar product options. MicroBlitz was foliar applied at the R1 growth stage. This treatment yielded a 4 bu/acre advantage over low-salt starter alone.

All in all, 2018 was a great year for our trials. We tested new products, including the newly released Fulvic LQ. With its low rate and low cost per acre, Fulvic LQ can be added to any application for increased efficiency of nutrient-uptake. We also received validation on current products including RGS, Korrect, and MicroBlitz. RGS is an “oldie but goodie” that’s getting renewed attention due to its strong performance when added to corn starter. Korrect is an existing product with a new application method for growers seeking a highly-available potassium source for their soybean starter. Finally, MicroBlitz is a great option as a foliar application at R1 on soybeans, as seen in the Beck’s PFR and Michigan trials. 

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