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Video: Weekly Crop Update August 7, 2019

Posted on August 07, 2019

In this week’s crop update, Agronomist Dave Dyson and Product Specialist Jessica Link discuss soybean and corn diseases, late season nitrogen application on soybeans, and observations made on starter fertilizer applications.


  • Corn and soybean diseases are a threat to crop production
  • Keep a lookout for gray leaf spot, tar spot, and southern rust in corn and frogeye leaf spot in soybeans
  • Apply a fungicide to keep disease pressures at bay

Nitrogen application on soybeans:

  • Soybean nodules begin to stop fixating nitrogen in the reproductive stages
  • At this same time, nitrogen need is heightened to support pod fill
  • As a result, application of a tissue-safe nitrogen source is ideal such as OverPass® SF or OverPass SF Plus

Starter fertilizer observations:

  • Fields that received a starter fertilizer application are consistently one week ahead of those without starter fertilizer
  • This difference has carried throughout the season and will carry into harvest with grain likely harvesting at 5 points drier


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