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The Andersons Adds Bio Pass™, a New Easy-to-Mix Biological Product, to Nutrient Portfolio

Posted on March 05, 2020

MAUMEE, OHIO, February 24, 2020 –The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE) is now offering a new biological nutrient product known as Bio Pass that mixes easily with liquid starter fertilizers and is applied at planting. It is formulated to disperse equally throughout the fertilizer solution to ensure uniform applications from start to finish.

Bio Pass is a robust microbial package specifically designed to work in synergy with growers’ liquid starter fertilizer program for corn and wheat. Bio Pass's specialized blend of bacteria works together in the soil to help kick off early season growth of seedlings while enhancing the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other essential nutrients throughout the season.

“After conducting extensive testing on a variety of biological sources and formulations, we are excited to bring Bio Pass to the market,” states Sarah Pirolli, Vice President of Sales and Operations for The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group. “The struggle with many biological products available today is that they don’t mix easily with liquid starter fertilizers. For those that do, growers run into limitations around mixing and application timing. We have invested a lot of time and resources into the development of our new Bio Pass microbial product to be sure it is easy to handle for our customers and growers and performs well in the field.”  

Bio Pass uses a proprietary formulation-stabilizing technology, allowing the product to have an above-industry standard shelf life without needing to be stored at cool temperatures. 

The Andersons plans to launch a series of other biological products custom designed for soybeans, foliar fertilizers, residue management and more in the near future. 

To find more information about this product, visit, or call 800-831-4815 to order.


Please complete the form, and we’ll get you in touch with your Territory Manager from The Andersons. 

Bio Pass is a trademark of The Andersons, Inc. 

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