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Top Highlights: Updated Specialty Products Guide

Posted on June 22, 2023

The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group is excited to share a new resource for our agriculture dealers, distributors, and growers. Our Specialty Products Guide features information and insights about our products and up-to-date research.

Here is a summary of the top updates made to the new Specialty Products Guide:

New Products

At The Andersons, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading products and technology for our customers. Below are our newest products added to the guide.

  • Power Pass™ technology: Power Pass technology is a liquid starter fertilizer additive designed to increase crop performance by enhancing plant health, nutrient absorption, and field performance. The addition of Power Pass technology with starter fertilizer applications increases the absorption of other applied nutrients.

  • Agro Mix: Agro Mix is a micronutrient package intended for the prevention or correction of boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc deficiencies.

  • MicoMark® DG Humic and MicroMark DG B: MicroMark DG Humic and MicroMark DG B are granular micronutrients produced with DG technology and a unique blend of micronutrients.

  • 14-0-0 Water Soluble Organic: The Andersons 14-0-0 is an organic, water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer created from plant-based proteins. 14-0-0 Water Soluble can be used on a wide variety of organic crops including fruits, vegetables, and row crops as part of a fertilizer program.

  • Ice Vise®: Ice Vise is a professional grade, chloride-free liquid ice melt designed to be applied to high-traffic areas around commercial or residential locations including sidewalks, ramps, and steps.

Updated Research

The product research highlighted in the guide has been updated with our most recent data from sites across 10 states.

Beyond what is included in the new Specialty Products Guide, download our new research guide to find all the most up-to-date research about products.

Expanded Information on Select Nutrients

The Specialty Product Guide now features an expanded overview of our Select Nutrients line of Products. These products improve the structure and strength of crops by correcting or preventing nutrient deficiencies, ultimately maximizing yield.

Download The Product Guide Now

Our Specialty Product Guide is a comprehensive resource and a valuable tool for dealers, distributors, and growers seeking to optimize crop structure, enhance strength, and maximize yield potential. Click the button below to download your copy of the guide and discover products specifically designed to maximize yields and unlock full growth potential.

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