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Discover On-Farm Performance: Unveiling Our 2023 Research Guide for Product Insights

Posted on April 02, 2024

Every year at The Andersons, we conduct third-party research trials to ensure the quality of our plant nutrient products and receive unbiased field results, showing the efficacy of our products in the field. In our 2023 research trials, we tested plant nutrient products on corn, soybeans, sugar beets, wheat, and crop residue.  

These research trials are conducted at various sites throughout the Midwest and cover an array of growing conditions found throughout the region. The 2023 Research Guide highlights our research trials completed during the 2023 growing season and it was released in February 2024.  

Here are a few highlights from our 2023 trials that can be found in this year’s guide. 

Proper nutrition at side dress leads to performance in drought conditions  

At a 2023 trial, located in central Nebraska,  UltraMate® Zn was applied as a side dress a rate of 1gal/acre rate. During this time, the research site saw severe drought conditions throughout the summer. The plot did not have a source of irrigation.  

With a side dress application of UltraMate Zn a 16.61-bushel increase was observed over the untreated check. The source of zinc provided in the UltraMate Zn helped the corn crop stimulate root growth, allowing for the roots to grow deeper into the soil, finding the much-needed moisture and increasing yields at harvest.

Reducing crop stress with foliar applications

With a new, improved formulation, Phosfix® Gen II helps to reduce stress on crops early in the season to allow crops to focus on growth and grain production.  

In rigorous trials conducted in 2023, Phosfix Gen II underwent testing in key agricultural regions, including corn fields in Nebraska and soybean fields in South Dakota. These trials, conducted at the critical V5 stage of crop development, aimed to evaluate the efficacy of Phosfix Gen in on-farm applications.    

At harvest, an 8.16-bushel increase in corn and a 6.2-bushel increase in soybeans was observed for this trial. The Phosfix Gen II provided crops with the combination of cytokinin, gibberellin, auxin, phosphite, and carbon, allowing the crop to focus on yield-determining growth stages allowing for the yield boost at harvest. 

Download Our 2023 Research Guide for Additional Insights

Uncover the results of trials in our 2023 Research Guide, specifically created to empower retailers and growers as decisions are made for 2024 and beyond. Dive into these trials and discover essential insights that could transform your operation.  

Download the guide today to immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge. For any inquiries about the trials or products featured, our dedicated Sales Team is here to assist you. Fill out this contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.  

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