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Bio Pass

Bio Pass® is a robust microbial package specifically designed to work in synergy with your liquid starter fertilizer program for corn and wheat. Bio Pass' specialized blend of bacteria works together in the soil to help kick off seedlings’ early season growth while enhancing the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other essential nutrients throughout the season.


  • Designed for corn and wheat in all soil types
  • Improves nutrient mineralization
  • Improves seedling germination and emergence
  • Designed to be tank mix-compatible with liquid starter fertilizers
  • Formulated for stability
  • Easy to apply and handle
  • Contains a powerful consortium of proprietary microbes
  • Created to optimize starter fertilizer uptake and utilization

Bio Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I add Bio Pass to my liquid starter fertilizer?
Including Bio Pass with your liquid starter application is an effective method to deliver essential nutrients to seedlings and developing root systems and build a healthy biome around the root zone. The microbials in Bio Pass perform essential functions including shuttling nutrients and water to the roots, providing enhanced season-long nitrogen availability, breaking down organic matter, and improving soil tilth.

Q: Is Bio Pass easy to mix with my liquid starter fertilizer?
Yes, The Andersons scientists spent significant time and resources to design Bio Pass so it would be easy to mix with liquid starter fertilizers. The microbials in Bio Pass are dispersed equally throughout the fertilizer solution to ensure uniform applications from start to finish.

Q: How does Bio Pass really work?
A: Bio Pass provides 300 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per pint. After the microbes come out of sporulation, they begin reproducing and doubling their populations every 45-60 minutes. These microbials are key to healthy functioning soils and assist with cycling nutrients, decomposing organic matter, maintaining soil structure, and biologically crowding-out soil pathogens and undesired microbials.

Q: What is the source of the microbials in the Bio Pass formulation?
Bio Pass' microbials are naturally-occurring and sourced from highly-performing soils from across the United States that have shown above average plant growth and performance. Each batch is produced using only the originally sourced microbes to enhance consistency and fidelity.

Q: Does Bio Pass have unique handling or storage requirements? Does it need to be used immediately?
Bio Pass uses a proprietary formulation-stabilizing technology, allowing the product to have a sufficient shelf life of two years. It does not need to be stored at cool temperatures. Always read and follow label for mixing and handling instructions.


In a greenhouse study, the treatment with PureGrade® liquid fertilizer and Bio Pass emerged 5 days earlier and more uniform than the starter alone.

When Bio Pass is added to the liquid starter fertilizer, the average root mass of the plants (left) were more robust, and the plants had an average dry plant mass that was double the mass of the starter alone (right). This photo was taken 15 days after emergence.

In a Nebraska corn field trial, a 4+ bu/ac yield advantage was observed with Bio Pass added to the liquid starter application at planting.

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