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Meet The Andersons Biological Product Line-Up

Posted on January 19, 2021

The Andersons biological products are robust microbial packages specifically designed to enhance field applications. With the highest concentration of microbials on the market, these products provide ease-of-use, efficiency, and a positive return on investment (ROI). 



Bio Pass is a robust microbial package specifically designed to work in synergy with your liquid starter fertilizer program for corn and wheat. Bio Pass’s specialized blend of bacteria works together in the soil to help kickoff seedlings’ early season growth while enhancing the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other essential nutrients throughout the season.

When Bio Pass is added to the liquid starter fertilizer, the average root mass of the plants (right) were more robust, and the plants had an average dry plant mass that was double the mass of the starter alone (left). This photo was taken on 6/28/22 at the V6 growth stage at our test plot (P5-2022) in Indiana. Low-salt starter with Bio Pass applied in-furrow had substantially larger roots visually and when weighed. 

Coupled with a low-salt starter, Bio Pass increased the average yield by over 12 bu/a.

Bio Pass LG is a robust microbial package specifically designed to support soybean and other legume crops’ growth and season-long nutrient needs. It may be applied broadcast in a tank mix with pre-emergence or burndown herbicide, pre-plant incorporated, in-furrow or 2x2 at planting, or through pivot irrigation system prior to crop emergence.

Bio Pass LG is a blend of bacteria and mycorrhiza that work together synergistically to support legume crops with nodulation production, while improving the rhizosphere around the root zone. Bio Pass LG’s eight microbes team up in the soil to help kick-off seedlings’ early season growth while enhancing the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other essential nutrients throughout the season.


Bio Reverse is a robust microbial package designed to significantly reduce residue stubble. It may be applied year-round, whenever there is residue. The unique, tough and stable formulation has been designed to compost and break down residue to improve seed-to-soil contact, help reduce planter or tire damage from tough crop stalks and reverse nutrient tie-up in crop residue to provide more available nutrients. Bio Reverse helps build a healthy soil biome for continued season-long composting.

The corn stalks on the right were treated with 1 pt/acre of Bio Reverse in the fall post-harvest. The stalks treated with Bio Reverse had more residue breakdown compared to the untreated check on the left the following spring.

When treated in the fall with 1 pt/acre, soybean yields the following year increased by 4 bu/a. 



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