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The Andersons biological products – a new lineup designed for ease-of-use, efficiency, and ROI

Posted on January 21, 2021

The biological market is more crowded than ever. So, how do you decide which biological products to offer your customers or use yourself? The Andersons was in a similar situation – vetting dozens of companies for a viable solution. Here is how we made our decision:

First, we defined the criteria the products must meet. These criteria were not only important to our company but also our customers. After much discussion, we determined our biological products must meet two main criteria: 1) The biological products must have outstanding and proven performance, and 2) the microbes must demonstrate compatibility, stability and viability when mixed with our liquid fertilizers.

Once these two criteria were established, we then went on to testing biological products from all over the world, and we found only one source that delivered exceptionally well on both standards. Here are the results from our vetting process.

Criteria 1: Outstanding and proven performance, ROI

Like you, we consider other company’s data and field results, but we rarely design and launch a product without testing it ourselves. We conducted greenhouse and field testing of countless formulations differing in the source of biologicals. From this testing, we were able to narrow our selection down to a few of the top, most consistent performing products. Then, it was on to the next phase of the vetting process.

Criteria 2: Compatible, stable and viable with The Andersons liquid fertilizers

Our scientists took this stage of testing further than a simple jar test. Not only did they mix microbes and our products together to ensure nothing major occurred (chemical reaction, product separation, foaming, etc) but they also worked to ensure the microbes distributed evenly throughout our liquid fertilizers. Once products were combined with our liquid fertilizers, it was then time to evaluate the stability and viability of the different formulas. It is here where the winning biological products were chosen.  

The Andersons Bio Pass microbial package contains naturally occurring microbes, mixes easily with liquid fertilizers, and provides viable microbes at the time of application.


Many products that we tested either started growing microbial populations when mixed or lost large populations of their microbes after mixing. There was only one source of biologicals that proved to be stable in our liquid fertilizers for a sustained period and not lose viability of the microbials.

After years of testing, designing, and planning, we had finally made our choice and ready to introduce The Andersons biological products – Bio Pass™, Bio Pass™ LG, and Bio Reverse™.

You can meet The Andersons biological product line-up here



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