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UltraMate LQ liquid humate is a sulfonated potassium formulation.

It forms a complete solution when added directly to liquid fertilizer, micronutrient, or pesticide formulations over a wide range of pH values. UltraMate LQ liquid humate is highly compatible, allowing application methods which are unacceptable for conventional humic products, including tank mixing. UltraMate LQ liquid humate allows turf to utilize applied N, P, and micronutrients more efficiently, reducing leaching and improving soil structure.


  • Stabilizes nitrogen, reducing volatility while increasing utilization
  • Increases seed germination and nutrient availability
  • Promotes phosphorus utilization and decreases leaching
  • Mixes easily and stores well in totes and mixes
  • Compatible with liquid fertilizer, micronutrient or pesticide formulations
  • Up-front availability of humic and fulvic acids
  • Wide range of pH compatibility: 2-12
  • Wide range of application methods: foliar spray and soil application


Q: How does UltraMate LQ liquid humate differ from other humic acid products?
A: UltraMate LQ liquid humate contains high quality humic acid. Its sulfonation sets it apart, allowing for ease of tank mixing, increased activity in low pH soils, and stability in storage when mixed.

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